We are a flexible supplier of frozen seafood. With our broad knowledge, experience and values, we are well equipped to assist a wide range of sectors.

All images are examples


Our standard 5 kg plain white carton bulk packed with IQF products are often sold into wholesale companies. See examples below

We have regular inventory in Europe of our main IQF products.    

Example of a product assembly line

Example IQF

Example of a packaging


Example of a label


Private label example

Private label

Example of private labelling of IQF cod fillets

Line caught


The IQF products for the food service sector can also be packed as “privat label” or with branded carton labels.


The industrial blocks are often sold into processors who make value added products like breaded or battered fish fillets/portions and fish fingers etc.  We also supply the industry with for example IQF portions, tails unglazed for further processing, breading etc.

Example of cutted loins

IQF unglazed

Example of IQF Block


Example of fish loins for a restaurant

Chain pack

Example of frozen loins

Bags with rider

Example of frozen loins

Printed bags


All IQF products can by orders be packed in retail format directly at the production site according to costumers’ request and specification. It can be everything from a simple transparent bag with rider to an advanced colourful bag with zip-lock.  Or can also be in a Vacuum format usually as a chain pack of 2-5 portions + rider label.  

We can also offer the option to repack in Europe. For example IQF products from our stock which will packed into printed bags at partner Co-packing plant. See following examples;

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